Nar3 Devel Nbook: Nar3 Guestbook

This is your first time using NBook, so before you can actually put it into action, you have to configure it. You should be able to just create the config file and be on your way. To reset the variables to predefined values, click here.
Cannot write to disk. Nbook will be unable to save your configuration. Please set permissions correctly.

General Configuration
Use a Template
1 for yes, 0 for no
Template File
Leave blank if you don't want a template.
Script replaces %%NBOOK%% with the guestbook, and %%TITLE%% with the
title in the template. Both are required.
Output File
What file do you want the guestbook to output to?
Template on Output File
If you would like a header and footer on the guestbook file,
set this to 1, otherwise, 0.
Guestbook Name
If you want the header and footer applied to the output
file, set to 1, otherwise, set to 0.
If this doesn't make any sense, leave a 1.
Guestbook Directory URL
No trailing slash
Script Filename
The name of this file.
Give me credit?
If you really want to, you can set this to 0 to disable
the "Powered By" tag at the bottom of the page.

Page Style Configuration
Background Color
Background Picture
Text Color
Link Color
Visited Link Color
Active Link Color
Font Face
Font Size

Table Configuration
Header Background Color
Background Color
Border Size
Border Color
Text Color

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