You've probably come here looking for some of the wonderful scripts from Well, here they are:

An image gallery script

Nimages is a complete rewrite of an eariler disaster called JCSid. Right now, nimages is getting close to beta testing, and I need some people with many different servers to try this out. If you're interested, have access to a server with PHP on it, and know how to install scripts, please email me and let me know. Thanks!

A guestbook script

NBook is a simple to use, simple to install guestbook script with web-based configuration. Fields are Name, Email, Homepage, Location, and Comment. Date and Time are added after posting and the users IP is hidden in a comment.

Grow-up version of NBook

Narbook is a guestbook script that will allow you to host guestbooks for users. It is currently being worked on, but is not in a releasable state yet.

Content Management System for Schools

Cynus is aimed at educational facilities who wish to have an easy way to create and maintain a webpage. Using a modular design, it is easy to expand the abilities of Cynus by clicking a few buttons.

Future scripts?
Brett and/or Jason are considering working on some sort of the following scripts:
If you have any input on these projects or any other projects you'd like to see come from here, email with your ideas.